There’s a hero in every kid

Every kid deserves the opportunity to grow up strong, confident and resilient, and be given the chance to unearth those ‘powers’ to become heroes in their own right.

That’s the aim of RugbyRoos. More than just a safe and friendly introduction to rugby union, it’s an opportunity for both boys and girls to learn important life skills of discipline, respect, integrity and solidarity. And it’s great fun!

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The fun way to learn the skills of rugby

  • An Introduction to the game of rugby in a non contact format
  • A safe, fun and friendly environment
  • For Schools, boys and girls aged 5-12 years of all skill levels
  • For Clubs, boys and girls aged 5-7 years of all skill levels
  • Engage in Five Week Programs or One Day Holiday Clinics
  • Each participant receives a free Santos RugbyRoos participant pack
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Safety through expert coaching and community

The RugbyRoos program is proudly supported by RugbyWA.

The kids will be coached by professional rugby players and RugbyWA development officers to learn the core skills of running, kicking, throwing and catching.

Santos RugbyRoos introduces children to rugby in a non-contact format, providing a safe environment at a beginners level of the game

After all your child's safety is our priority

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What parents need to know

RugbyRoos welcomes your family into the rugby community, with the 5-week program being offered at rugby clubs and schools across WA.

During the one hour sessions, your child will make friends as they develop core rugby skills through a series of programs delivered by professional rugby players and development officers.

Kids develop core skills such as running, kicking, throwing and catching as well as broader skills such as balance, teamwork, physical agility, listening to instructions, and hand-eye coordination.

It’s fun, safe and inclusive for both boys and girls.

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