Holiday Clinics

Get your kids off the couch during the 2020 school holidays.

The RugbyRoos Holiday Clinics cost of $50 includes a full day coaching course, delivered by professional rugby players and RugbyWA development officers.

Our clinics run from 8.30am – 2.30pm and offers your child an opportunity to learn the skills of rugby whilst having a great day among friends.

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RugbyRoos for ages 5-7

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RugbyRoos Holiday clinics will cover the following

In this one day fun course, the coach will teach new core skills that the kids will practice with drills, and then play a structured game to use the new skills in a match scenario.


RugbyRoos is offered to participants aged 5 – 8 years.

The program is designed to introduce younger children to rugby without the need to immediately begin tackling.

Basic skills learnt are:

  • Balance and Stability
  • Catch Pass
  • Track to Tag
  • Ball Carry

RugbyRoos offers the non-contact format to children who are too young to participate in the safe tackling course.

Safety through expert coaching and community

The RugbyRoos program is proudly supported by RugbyWA.

The kids will be coached by professional rugby players and RugbyWA development officers to learn the core skills of running, kicking, throwing and catching.

RugbyRoos introduces children to rugby in a non-contact format, providing a safe environment at a beginners level of the game

After all your child's safety is our priority

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