RugbyRoos 5 Week Programs

The RugbyRoos program is a 5-week non-contact coaching course delivered by professional rugby players and RugbyWA development officers.

The program is open to all kids aged 5-12yrs and costs $50. All registered kids receive a FREE participant pack, which includes a boot bag, cap and drink bottle, and more!

The 5 Week Program is a great chance for kids to be introduced to rugby in a fun and social environment and for both kids and parents to become familiar with their local rugby club.


Lessons are delivered in levels according to age

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Choosing the right course for your child

You and your child have one easy choice to make…
Would you like the course to involve non-contact rugby, or would you like the course to teach safe tackling skills at an easy-to-understand pace, dependent on your child’s age.

In both streams the coach will teach a new core skill each week, the kids will practice it with a drill, and then play a structured game to use the new skill in a match scenario.

1. RugbyRoos Non-Contact course

Non-contact RugbyRoos is offered to all age ranges.

It’s designed to introduce kids to rugby without the need to immediately begin tackling.

Basic skills learnt are:

  • Balance and Stability
  • Catch Pass
  • Track to Tag
  • Ball Carry

RugbyRoos offers the non-contact format to kids who are completely new to rugby or who simply prefer play the non-contact version, however, kids are strongly encouraged to participate in the transition-to-tackle course and learn the importance of safe tackling.

2. RugbyRoos Transition to Tackle course

Transition to Tackle is only offered to children aged 8yrs and above.

It’s designed to teach kids how to tackle safely in an environment that ensures they understand the fundamentals of where and how to tackle before moving to the next stages of skill development.

Basic skills learnt are:

  • Balance and Stability
  • Catch Pass
  • Track to Tag and then Track to Tackle
  • Ball Carry and then Breakdown


The TRANSITION TO TACKLE course is proudly supported by:

Safety through expert coaching and community

The RugbyRoos program is proudly supported by RugbyWA.

The kids will be coached by professional rugby players and RugbyWA development officers to learn the core skills of running, kicking, throwing and catching.

RugbyRoos introduces children to rugby in either a non-contact format, or through our specialised ‘introduction to safe tackling’ course.

Whichever course you choose, your child’s safety is monitored at all times.

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